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 About us


DBP, Dumplingbelly Publishing llc, is a micropress specializing in books about creative storytelling, children’s stories, imaginary fairy tale, and rhymes. We work with writers, artist, and other media professionals.


Dumplingbelly dedicates its resources towards collaborative methods to achieve our mission objective. The efforts, works, and projects involve a structured system of discussions which leads to actions towards achieving clear shared goals. 


We have a small businesses culture, a small business feel, in a midsize business environment.



Mission Statement


We offer services, ideas, and support to the aspiring artist.





DBP is currently seeking non-fiction anthology of personal essays or manuscripts on the topic of "living the military lifestyle through the spouse perspective."


We are not seeking manuscripts at this time for childrens or fiction. However, In the near future we plan to review books on topics that fit within our current catalog.


If you have a manuscript that fits our needs or have general questions, please contact us  with your query.  CONTACT US








Charities We support


DBP is proud to give to charities that help children and families in need. We are also happy to partner with non-profits that serve children and families in need for fundraising ventures.